Westwood Dedicated to the Westwood Subdivsion in Simpsonville, SC. It's a place for building community and sharing with neighbors.
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Restrictive and Protective Covenants

Did you know that Westwood has restrictive and protective covenants? These covenants were put in place when Westwood was created. Each section of Westwood has a seperate set of covenants.



Streets Covenants

Clear Creek Ct, Cherokee Ct, Cheyenne Dr, Danwood Ct, Sellwood Cir, Seminole Dr, Sierra Ct, Westwood Dr

Section 1 Covenants

Davenport Rd, Fauna Ct, Faunawood Dr, Lone Rock Ct, Pinonwood Ct, Pinonwood Dr, Willow Branch Dr

South Section 2 Covenants

Anglewood Dr, Bentbrush Dr, Capewood Rd, Seminole Dr, Sherondale Ln, Sparsewood St

Section 2 Covenants

Ashdown Dr, Branchview Ct, Davenport Rd, Shagbark Ct, Vinewood Ct

South Section 1 Covenants

Aspenwood Dr, Brushwood Ln, Capewood Rd, Cheyenne Dr, Sellwood Cir

Section 3 Covenants

Alder Dr, Davenport Rd, Redgum Ct, Seadleaf Ct, Yellow Wood Ct, Yellow Wood Dr

Section 6 Covenants

Anglewood Dr, Capewood Rd, Tamwood Cir, Tebblewood Ct, Tebblewood Dr, Willowtree Ct, Willowtree Dr

Section 4 Covenants

Agewood Ct, Agewood Dr, Arkrose Ct, Benwood Dr, Capewood Rd, Chatwood Ct, Chuckwood Ct, Chuckwood Dr, Tamwood Cir, Tebblewood Dr

Section 5 Covenants


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