Westwood Dedicated to the Westwood Subdivsion in Simpsonville, SC. It's a place for building community and sharing with neighbors.
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June 2016 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

What is South Carolina's state fruit? Vegetable? Flower?

Answer: State fruit is peaches, state vegetable is collard greens, and state flower is Yellow Jessamine

May 2016 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

Where is the oldest brick building in Simpsonville located? In what year was it built?

Answer: 101 East Curtis Street, built in 1886.

April 2016 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

Who is honored in the statue that resides on the corner of North Main Street and West College Street?

Answer: "This statue is in honor of Dr. Lawrence Lafayette Richardson.Richardson was a physician for 64 years, Mayor of Simpsonville for38 years, and Chairman of the Simpsonville School Board for 20years. He was responsible for bringing natural gas  into the city, andled efforts to develop the city park." Simpsonville.com

March 2016 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

How many chocolate Easter bunnies are made each year?

Answer: 90 million

February 2016 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

How many Valentine's Cards are exchanged each year (not including the packaged Valentines that kids exchange)?

Answer: 141 million

January 2016 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

Elegant Gourmet is now located where the dormatory for the Music College was. In what year was this structure built?

Answer: 1911

December 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

During a 24 hour period between March 1 and March 2, 2009, how many inches of snow did the City of Simpsonville see?

Answer: 4.2 inches of snow.

November 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

In what year did the first Thanksgiving occur? How many days did the feast last?

Answer: The first Thanksgiving occured in 1621 and it lasted for 3 days.

October 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

What was the reasoning behind the naming of some of the streets in Westwood (Cherokee Dr, Seminole Dr, and Cheyenne Dr)?

Answer: Bill Reeves, who bought the land in April 1961, started to lay the streets of Westwood. Reeves, of Cherokee descent, used that as his reasoning for the Native American street names. Information courtesy of The Simpsonville Banner

September 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

Where and how did the sayings “bring home the bacon” and “chew the fat” originate from?

Answer: "European peasants in the 1500's couldn't afford to buy pork often. it was a sign of affluence if a man could "bring home the bacon." They would cut off some for guests and sit around "chewing the fat." USDA

August 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

In the city of Simpsonville, do you need to vote for city council candidates within the ward you live in? Or can you vote candidates regardless of where you live?

Answer: Regardless of which ward you live in, you may vote for any ward candidate.

July 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

Who was the creator of Westwood Subdivision? What other important city job did this person hold?

Answer: Ralph Hendricks; He served on Simpsonville City Council from 1968-1971 and as Simpsonville Mayor from 1976-1988

May & June 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

What is the name of the mural on the side of the building on Curtis Street?

Answer: The Balancing Act

April 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

In what year was the old Simpsonville Elementary School built?

Answer: The old Simpsonville Elementary School was built in 1939.

March 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

In what year was the Clock Tower built?

Answer: Waldrop Construction Services built the Clock Tower in 1986.

February 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

Built in 1907, this building started as a hardware store. In 1934, it was turned into a movie theater where the cost of a movie was 35¢. What local business now occupies this building?

Answer: The Royal Theatre, 116 South Main Street, Me Salon & Day Spa

January 2015 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

What month and year did Westwood officially become a subdivision? What 8 streets were included in this first section?

Answer: March 1970. Steets included were Cherokee Ct, Cheyenne Dr, Clear Creek Ct, Westwood Dr, Danwood Cir, Sierra Ct, Seminole Dr, and Sellwood Cir.

December 2014 Newsletter Trivia Corner...

Can you name all 7 streets in Westwood that are not related to a tribe, a tree or that end in wood?

Answer: Arkrose Ct, Ashdown Dr, Clear Creek Ct, Davenport Rd, Fauna Ct, Lone Rock Ct, and Sherondale Ln

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